Virtual access to a physician for rapid healthcare following a tick bite in Ontario

TickMD is a first-of-its-kind telehealth service powered by Casel Medical Services that bridges the gap between tick testing and rapid, accessible healthcare. The TickMD program provides people who have been recently bitten by ticks with virtual access to a tick-knowledgeable physician. This physician is able to make informed early decisions about acute and prophylactic care following tick bites – all from the comfort of your home! Currently, this program is ONLY available to individuals in Ontario. Please see below for details on this program.

How does it work?

TickMD is a collaboration between Casel Medical Services and Geneticks designed to bring easy access healthcare to those affected by recent tick bites. The three simple steps to see a TickMD physician are:

  1. Safely remove the tick
  2. Submit the tick to Geneticks for testing
  3. Book an appointment with the TickMD physician

During the virtual visit, the TickMD physician will review your tick bite, medical history, and tick testing results, and make an informed decision on the best course of care. If necessary, a prescription will be faxed to a pharmacy of your choosing, allowing you to fill the script locally at your convenience.

How do I access TickMD?

Access to TickMD is easy! All you need is a smart phone or computer. Once you have received your Geneticks tick testing results, follow the link provided in your results, or visit to book a virtual appointment. Appointments are available Mondays (9am – 2:40pm) and Thursday (10am – 11am) and are hosted through the Casel Medical virtual care platform. Follow-up appointments can be booked as needed.

What is the cost of TickMD?

All virtual care provided through the TickMD program is covered by OHIP. As such, there is no cost associated with your appointment.

Can I access TickMD without a tick test?

Though it is possible to access the TickMD physician without tick testing results, it is strongly recommended that individuals receive their tick testing results prior to booking an appointment. Tick testing results provide an important tool for the physician to assess a patient’s exposure to tick-borne diseases and determine the most appropriate course of action. In the absence of tick testing results, the physician will make an informed clinical decision on care, but will be hindered by the absence of this key information.

Are there similar programs available in other provinces?

Currently, TickMD is the first program of its kind to offer virtual care for recent tick bites and patients with tick testing results. However, we are in the process of using this model to create similar programs in other provinces. We will provide updates as this process progresses.


Where can I find more information about TickMD?

For more information about the TickMD program, please visit