If you have a tick or ticks that you would like to submit for testing, please follow these steps.


1) Safely remove the tick(s).

  • Click here for instructions on how to safely remove your tick.

2) Place tick(s) in a sealable bag or plastic container with a firmly closing lid.

3) Select the test(s) you wish to have performed on your tick(s).

6) Proceed through the checkout process.

7) Upon completion, you will receive an email confirming your submission details. Please print this email, and include a paper copy of it alongside your tick(s) in a sealed envelope.

8) Mail the envelope containing the submission form and your tick(s) to:


Geneticks Canada

P. O. Box 114

Pefferlaw, ON

L0E 1N0




If you have a question about submitting a tick, require expedited testing, or would like to inquire about testing for additional pathogens, please contact us though our Contact form.