British Columbia (2021)

In 2021 there were 29 ticks submitted to Geneticks from within British Columbia. This represents 1.89% of the total ticks submitted to Geneticks in 2021.

Where were ticks submitted within British Columbia in 2021?

This interactive map displays where ticks were encountered and submitted to Geneticks from within British Columbia in 2021. Clicking on individual tick entries will display the details associated with that submission. Each entry has been stripped of identifying information and the coordinates gently randomized to protect user anonymity. The default display shows ticks that tested positive (Red) and negative (Green) for General Borrelia species. This setting can be toggled by pressing the icon in the top left corner of the map to display ticks by type (Genus, Species) or pathogens detected (Borrelia speciesBorrelia burgdorferi sensu strictoBorrelia miyamotoiAnaplasma phagocytophilumBabesia microti, Babesia odocoilei, Babesia duncaniBartonella species).

The details of individual submitted ticks can be viewed by selecting icons on the map.

*To see a full-screen version of this map, please click the expand icon in the top right corner of the map

What species of ticks were submitted within British Columbia?

Who encountered ticks and what activities were they doing?


What pathogens were found In Western blacklegged ticks submitted within British Columbia?

When were Western blacklegged ticks contacted in British Columbia?

When were dog ticks and rocky mountain wood ticks contacted in British Columbia?

All maps were developed with generous funding from the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation